PROTaction - Questions & Answers

? The incidence in Germany remains high and everyone is warning about Omikron. Other fairs have already cancelled their upcoming events. Why are you sticking to the upcoming fairs?

What is the entry requirement at the trade fair?

What applies to children?

What applies to trade fair gastronomy?

Is proof of full vaccination or recovery also required for restaurant/café terraces?

Why do Messe Düsseldorf have such different rules regarding access requirements?

Why does Messe Düsseldorf support the state' s Covid policy? / Why does Messe Düsseldorf not apply the rule that only fully vaccinated and recovered persons are allowed to attend a trade fair to all its events?

Which vaccines are accepted? / What if I have not received a vaccine that is licensed in the EU?

What if I am not allowed to be vaccinated for medical reasons?

Which vaccination certificates are accepted?

Will Messe Düsseldorf offer the possibility for trade fair participants to be vaccinated?

What is the maximum time for the tests?

Are rapid tests (antigen) sufficient or are only PCR tests accepted?

Are self-tests (from the pharmacy/supermarket) sufficient or are only official tests allowed?

Will there be testing facilities at the Düsseldorf exhibition center?

Should there be test offers at Messe Düsseldorf, will these be free of charge? And if not, what will they cost?

As a foreign exhibitor, may I test my employees myself at the stand and issue certificates if I have authorisation to do so in the country where my company is based?

How do I inform myself about the current entry regulations?

What prevention measures does Messe Düsseldorf plan for the postponed trade fairs and the other planned events?

What does your Hygiene and Infection Protection Concept look like at your events abroad? / Why does the Hygiene and Infection Protection Concept only apply to the events at the homebase Düsseldorf?

Will the number of tickets per day be limited? How do you want to manage the number of persons present at the premises?

How do you intend to ensure contact tracing?

Is wearing face masks mandatory at the Exhibition Centre?

What should I consider for my journey by public transport?

Can I also use Messe Düsseldorf's communication materials on hygiene and in-fection protection standards for my communication/stand design etc.?

Stand planning/stand construction

How many persons are allowed at my stand?

What needs to be considered for stands and/or for stand planning?

What needs to be taken into account for stand construction?

I cannot implement my stand in the form planned so far. What can I do?

Is catering at stands allowed?

How is sufficient hygiene ensured for catering?

Can touchscreens be used on the stand?

What should be considered when distributing brochures or give-aways?

Can disinfectants be ordered from Messe Düsseldorf?

What must exhibitors observe when handling disinfectants?

Is there a prescribed number of disinfection facilities on the stands?

Will there be stand parties/exhibitor parties?

Who assumes responsibility for meeting the Hygiene and Infection Protection Standards at the stands?

How are the conferences/workshops/forums planned? / What impact do the hygiene and infection control standards have on the confer-ences/workshops/forums?

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