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Foto: Andrew Gibbs, Copyright: The Dieline



Throughout his career, The Dieline Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief Andrew Gibbs had the opportunity to follow developments and to monitor how they influence the packaging industry, for instance, with new designs.
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Bernd Jablonowski, Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf /C.Tillmann

Bernd Jablonowski - interpack alliance/pacprocess Tehran


pacprocess Tehran means the interpack alliance at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is for the first time this year offering a platform in the Near East to suppliers of packaging technology and the process industry. An interview with Bernd Jablowski, Global Portfolio Director for Processing and Packaging at Messe Düsseldorf.
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Bernd Jablonowski - Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf /C.Tillmann

Bernd Jablonowski


Worldwide, around one third of all produced foodstuffs are not consumed but thrown away – a huge waste of resources. Agriculture, processing, retail and consumers: the entire value added chain is responsible for this wasteful behaviour.
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Vera Fritsche - Copyright: Uwe Noelke

Vera Fritsche


The term Industry 4.0 has become an established feature of our digitised society. After the invention of the steam engine, the introduction of flowing water pools and the widespread use of IT, the fourth Industrial Revolution has now started, based on smart production processes.
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? Leo Wu

Leo Wu


Interview with Leo Wu, Founder of "Packaging Family", partner of the interpack alliance event Shanghai World of Packaging.
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? Friedbert Klefenz

Friedbert Klefenz


From 4 to 10 May interpack 2017 will make Düsseldorf the international hotspot of the packaging industry and related process industries once again. As President of interpack 2017 Friedbert Klefenz keeps a close eye on which solutions will make their mark on the trade fair.
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Olaf Müller and Michael Schuhmacher


Düsseldorf Airport is the biggest airport in North Rhine Westphalia. 22.5 million passengers pass through the airport every year. This also means that a large amount of cargo is handled at the airport. In 2015 the volume was 105,300 tonnes, a figure which regularly also includes so-called dangerous goods.
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? Anja Bonnl?nder

Anja Bonnlaender


cosnova GmbH is the company behind the well-known essence, CATRICE and L.O.V . Anja Bonnl?nder, Director Purchase & Packaging Development, explains in this interview which packaging solutions are in demand in specific target groups, why packaging details can turn into selling propositions, and how social media influence the packaging design of cosmetics brands.
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? Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker

Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker


Lambertz is Germany’s oldest sweet brand and the world market leader for autumn and Christmas cookies. Since 1978 Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker has acted as CEO of this family business now operating globally. Under his leadership the biscuit group developed from a regional niche supplier of gingerbread cookies into one of the leading German producers of preserved pastry goods.
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? Helmut Schneider

Helmut Schneider


From banknotes to passports: for over 50 years now customers from security sectors have trusted in the expertise of Atlantic Zeiser GmbH. This technology company is specialised in personalisation, customisation as well as Track & Trace solutions and is divided into three strategic business fields: “Banknote & Security Printing”, “Card Systems” and “Packaging”
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